Jason Houtz, President
Superintendent, Fairfax Juvenile Detention

Joe Young, Website
Superintendent, NRV Juvenile Detention


  1. Share information and ideas.
  2. Assist the Department of Juvenile Justice in the development of standards, certification and evaluation related to detention programs and facilities.
  3. Provide information and input to the Department of Juvenile Justice as an aid in the formulation of detention policies.
  4. Review all official policies of the Department of Juvenile Justice concerning detention and offer suggestions for improvements and/or modifications.
  5. Impact the General Assembly on a proposed or existing laws regarding juvenile detention as the membership deems appropriate.
  6. Provide a forum for other agencies’ and organizations’ interests in or associated with juvenile detention.
  7. Promote training development opportunities for detention personnel.
  8. Facilitate the collection and dissemination of information related to juvenile detention.