VJDA Training Modules

By clicking on the module links below, you will be taken to Dropbox. To download the files (zip), click on the download button in the upper right corner of your screen.  Once you download the file from Dropbox, it will be in a compressed (zipped) folder.  You have to right click the folder and click “extract all.”  In the end, there will be 3,048 files within 33 folders totaling 1.88 GB.

Directions for Using Curriculum Videos

Module 1: Adolescent Brain Development

Module 2: The Impact of Trauma on Adolescent Brain Development and Behavior

Module 3: Adolescent Mental and Behavioral Health

Module 4: Staff Self-Awareness and Self-Care

Classroom PowerPoints for Modules 1 through 4


Coronavirus Training thanks to The Merrimac Center